LED Rope Lights

LED Rope Lights

Our Rope Lights have SAA Approved, 220-240VAC, Power Plug Type I, for Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Rope lights are a traditional Christmas lights, they can be used indoor and out door. Rope lights are also known as tube lights, these lights are durable and beautiful, and easy to set up.

These lights are inside the rope, get good protection, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can wrap the rope lights anywhere you like, because of the rope around the lights, you will see they are much brighter and continuous light along the rope.

We also have LED rope lights, they will shine much brighter in the night. These LED lights are probably the best you can buy. These look fantastic LED's are 3 times as bright as normal bulbs, and they will last 10 times as long (25,000 hour average bulb life). In addition they will save you 90% on electricity compared to traditional lights. For the environmental and safety concerns, LED rope lights are good choices.

For the Christmas rope lights, we have various colours and sizes. All the lights have different functions, you can choose the one you like.