Wedding Event & Party Lights

Wedding Event & Party Lights

Our Wedding, Event and Party lights have SAA Approved, 220-240VAC, Power Plug Type I, for Australia, New Zealand, etc.

If you are looking for some LED lights to decorate your wedding, party, or commercial event, we can provide you huge range of bright LED lights for your wedding venue, like backdrops lights, wedding centerpieces, etc. Whether it is in a wedding venue, wedding reception hall, event in resort, event wedding in church, garden party, and beach party or on the stage lighting decoration, we have the decorative LED lights you need.

We have huge range of wedding, event, party lights: rope lights, LED rope lights, LED string fairy lights, LED icicle lights, LED battery powered string fairy lights, LED battery powered twig lights, LED backdrop curtain lights and net lights. Within each type, there are many colours and sizes. Our lights can give you a great event creation and production

These LED lights are probably the best you can buy, you can use it for indoor and outdoor wedding, event and party decoration. They look fantastic, LED's are 3 times as bright as normal bulbs, and they will last 10 times as long (25,000 hour average bulb life). In addition they will save you 90% on electricity compared to traditional lights.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. our friendly staffs love to offer some advice and introduce you the best decorative lights to meet your wedding, event and party lighting purpose. Our lights are good quality at affordable prices. So, whether the wedding, party or event lights are for personal or business use, we have them for you.